How The Brain Works

Yes, I read some books about the brain.

That doesn’t mean I would be a brain scientist at all.

What I have found in the books and in using my own brain: Images immediately have a huge impact on the human mind and psyche.

So – let’s use images for help in difficult Situations instead of spoken analysis and counseling.

I am a systemic counselor and I know that dialogues are priceless. If they exist.

In many cases, we do not communicate, because we do not participate.

What does it mean?

Quite every sentence activates a mental reference. Every mental reference is associated to experiences and sensual signals, such as sounds, odors, and: images.

If person A talks about distance, it is not very likely that person B will have the same image of distance in the head. So, on the field of dialogue, we touch only a friction of the interaction’s possibilities.

Using images, especially photos or drawings, accelerates the process of understanding – it enables it.